17 iunie 2014

"Every word that proceedeth forth out of the mouth of God"

Recently I've been wondering what's next for me--spiritually, anyway. What is it that holds me back in my relationship with God? The answer came to me several days ago, although with my memory, I couldn't tell you exactly when or where: I need to do better at keeping all the commandments I've been given so far. It makes sense--why would God give me more if I haven't internalized what I've already been given? D&C 98:11 came to mind, "that ye shall live by every word which proceedeth forth out of the mouth of God."

Next question: where do I start? "Every word" is a very tall order. But the answer came to that, too, as I was reading about Abinadi's confrontation with King Noah. He chided them for missing the whole point of the scriptures (which is a topic for another post). And then he proceeded to review the most important points: the Ten Commandments. It just doesn't get much more basic than that. I read them carefully this time around, and considered each one. I do need to be much better at keeping the sabbath day holy, at being honest, and at getting my priorities in line with God's.

But I had a very interesting thought when it came to taking the Lord's name in vain. Why is this such a big deal? I think it's number three, above murder, adultery, theft, etc. Why is that? It has to be more than just using OMG! as an exclamation. Here's what I think: any time we take the sacrament without seriously recommitting to the covenant we make there, or any time we pray in the name of Christ without figuring out if what we are praying for is actually something He would pray for, or participate in an ordinance or church service without getting the help of the Spirit, we are taking His name in vain. So often when I pray I lose track of what I'm saying, or I rush through the end just because I'm tired, and sometimes I forget whether I've even said "in the name of Jesus Christ." And even if I have said it, what's the point, if I haven't tried to align myself with God's will during the course of my prayer?

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